Platform Tennis

Platform tennis is an outdoor racquet sport generally played in cool or cold weather that combines the best elements of tennis with racquetball and squash. The court is smaller than a tennis court and is surrounded by tightly strung, heavily gauged wire fencing (known as screens) that lets players keep the ball in play after the ball hits off the court and then the screens. As the name suggests, platform tennis generally takes place on a raised platform. This allows for heaters underneath to melt off the snow and ice. As the game has grown, platform courts in the south have been constructed without heaters. The surface of the court is gritted to prevent participants from slipping in wet weather.

Platform tennis is a fast-paced game of speed, power and quick thinking. It can also be a game of finesse, patience and strategy. It can be highly competitive or just plain social. It is what you make it!

  • Tennis vs. Platform
    • What are the main differences?

      Platform Tennis Tennis
      30' x 60' 60' x 120'
      Aluminum decking or ground-level concrete Clay, grass, or hard
      Ball Sponge Rubber
      (2.5" diameter)
      (2.5" diameter)
      Racquet Solid Composite with aerodynamic holes
      (Approx. 18")
      (Approx. 27")
      Net 34" (at center) 36" (at center)
      Scoring Love-15-30-40 Love-15-30-40
      Screens 12' screens
      (may be hit off screens)
      Serve One Serve
      ("let" serve is good)
      Two Serves
      Season Outdoors, any climate, year round Indoor/Outdoor
      (dependent on weather)
      Players Usually doubles Singles and doubles
  • Our Professionals
    • Zen Mottershead

      Platform Tennis Director

      Zen came to Olde Providence in February of 2011 from the Elkridge Club in Baltimore, MD where he was the Head Tennis Professional. He is a proud graduate of Virginia Tech and often gets to use his B.S. degree in psychology while teaching and interacting with his fellow staff members. An elite USPTA certified professional since 2003, Zen prides himself on his unique approach to teaching which includes off the wall examples and the dispensing of “fortune cookie wisdom.” Zen was named the director of Platform tennis in May of 2013. With the help of too many people to name in this limited space, he built the OP platform program from the ground up. With his enthusiasm and guidance it is now a nationally recognized program. As one of only three PPTA certified Platform Tennis Professionals in the state of NC, he loves to convert tennis players over to the dark side (aka Paddle Tennis). When he is not hard at work Zen enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Whitney, and their dog Lula, live music, traveling, doing outdoorsy stuff, working at Good Bottle (purveyors of craft beer), following the Southhampton Saints in the EPL (his home town team), and reading (his favorite author is Hunter S. Thompson). He is also available for weddings (this is not joke, he is an AMM minister). 


      Randy Lofgren

      Head Platform Tennis Professional

      Randy is an PPTA certified Platform Tennis Professional as well an avid player of the game. His playing highlights include wins over Nationally Ranked opponents at Platform Tennis Nationals in Pittsburgh as well as leading Charlotte to a Joe Dudley Cup State Championship in their first year participating. Away from racquet sports, Randy enjoys hiking, rock climbing, grilling out and spending time with his cat Monty.

  • Our Courts
    • OP's two LED lit courts are the only ones located between Greensboro and Atlanta!

      The formal Paddle season begins in mid October and runs through mid March. That said, our members can be found on the courts all year round! Play may be scheduled two days in advance via our online reservation system and enjoyed morning, noon and night!

      More Information

      Follow the links below to learn more about our courts from builders Reilly Green Mountain, The American Platform Tennis Association, The Charlotte Observer and the Men's Sports Journal.

  • Tournaments
    • Platform Tennis

      For those of you with competitive blood running through your veins!


      2019 Olde Providence Women's Paddle Classic

      2019 Draw

      2018 Olde Providence Women's Paddle Classic

      2018 Draw

      2016 Olde Providence Womens' Paddle Classic

      2016 Draw


      2017 Olde Providence Gentlemen's Paddle Classic

      2017 Draw

      2016 Olde Providence Gentlemen's Paddle Classic

      2016 Draw

      2015 Olde Providence Gentlemen's Paddle Classic

      2015 Draw

      2014 Olde Providence Gentlemen's Paddle Classic

      2014 Draw
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