Extra attention

Sometimes all it takes to overcome an obstacle to fitness or meet a health challenge is a little one-on-one time with a pro. Maybe you need a customized regimen to help you prepare for a big tournament, recover from an injury or figure out the best way to get back in shape after a period of not exercising. Or maybe you want the Ahhhh of a post-workout massage to keep you coming back to the gym. Our menu of individual and small-group services is designed to meet those needs and many others.

Personal Training

For this service, we pair individual members with fitness professionals to work one-on-one. The trainer designs a safe and effective regimen to help you reach your goals in terms of weight loss, performance enhancement and overall health and wellness.

Small Group Training

This alternative to one-on-one training offers the benefits of working closely with a trainer or instructor at a fraction of the cost. Some members find small group training to be even more effective than personal training, as group members draw motivation from one another. If this sounds like the right approach for you, a trainer can add you to an established group or help you to assemble a new group. Trainers design workouts specifically for each group, and each group has three to four participants.